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​Gain CLARITY and feel
IN CONTROL of your finances

Ensure your FINANCIAL SUCCESS in only
60 days knowing exactly what to do


Course starts in April

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Does this sound familiar? 

You should manage your finances better but you don’t know where to begin

You feel frustrated because finance seems too jargon-heavy and complicated

You’re not a finance or math expert so you doubt that you can do this yourself

You don’t know where to ask your questions so you’ve not taken action until now 

90 days to Financial Freedom colored.png

But yet you know exactly that you want to

Grow your wealth for your retirement

Stay financially independent and in control

Make your hard earned money work for you.

Make informed investment decisions, avoid costly mistakes

Thankfully, You Are In The Right Place To Achieve This...

Introducing: Our" 60 days to FinancialFreedom" Course

Yes, you read that right!
In just 60 days we’ll teach you

How to grow your wealth in the long run without spending countless hours each week on your finances

How to understand proven financial concepts and strategies without feeling constantly overwhelmed

How to set up a clever investment portfolio tailored to your budget, interest & needs

How to start investing in 2024 without making costly mistakes

And most importantly…
No more guessing where to START.
Because we'll GUIDE you from start to finish. 

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“I teach to empower women” (quote from our founder, Cristina)

Cristina’s mission is so much bigger than just selling a random finance course 

Skip the long learning curve: Cristina packs 13 years of experience as a Finance Professional into only 60 days in a dynamic blended learning.

Tailored guidance: Cristina works directly with you on your individual goals and ensures you become an investor.


Join her empowering network: Benefit from Cristina’s wide network of female communities and be held accountable towards REACHING your financial SUCCESS

Events & Conferences

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90 days to Financial Freedom colored.png

Take a sneak peak into the course content: 

How it works?

Hybrid learning

6 online self-paced modules

+1.5 hours workshops with Cristina once a week

Connect with like-minded women and expand your network during these live workshops.

Set your goals

Week 1

  • Gender wealth gap

  • Understand your money mindset

  • Set your goals

Build portfolio strategy

Week 4

  • Risk & Diversification

  • Suitable investment strategies

  • Deal with financial service providers

Create your budget

Week 2

  • Personal budget

  • Strategies to accumulate wealth

  • Plan your retirement

Start Investing

Week 5

  • Stock & fund analysis

  • Trading principles

  • Your first portfolio & start investing

Investments types

Week 3

  • Types of investments

  • Risk and return profile

  • Suitable investment strategies

Monitor your portfolio 

Week 6

  • Sustainable investing

  • Maintain your budget

  • Rebalance your investments

Hybrid Learning
(Self-paced + Live Online Workshop)

6 online self-paced modules (2hrs/week)

Follow up workshop
(1.5hr once a week)

1-on-1 deep dive w/ Cristina

But that’s not all

You will be guided PERSONALLY by Cristina. She ensures you will not only learn, but TAKE ACTION! You will become an investor.

Our curated learning materials make it easy for you.

Your Learning Materials

From confusion to understanding  all financial jargons!

Guiding you through key concepts, practical examples and strategies

Our recommendations from books over podcasts to apps and websites.

90 days to Financial Freedom1.png

Let’s summarize all the value you’ll get: 

Program recordings.png

6 online self-paced modules 

($ 470 Value) 

Live session.png

6 Live discussions

 ($ 2,840 Value)

1 on 1.png

1:1 session with Cristina 

($ 342/hour Value) 

Learning pack.png

Lifetime access to workbooks, exercises, examples and formulas

($ 750 Value) 

Total Course Value:  $4,402

Your Price:  $ 2,500

Female Community.png

Access to a group of likeminded women who’ll keep you accountable


Course starts in April
90 days to Financial Freedom.png

If you don't TAKE ACTION, you're missing out on:

Financial stability

Peace of mind

Compound interest

See this as an investment in yourself!


Jessica Bubenheim

"When you're thinking about investments, think about yourself as an investment too. When you're investing, you're also investing in yourself. And I feel that with the 90 days to financial freedom course, I actually invested in myself. And that's the strongest kind of investment decision."
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Alumni transformations

How our course has EMPOWERED participants to

TAKE CONTROL of their financial future.


Ready to take control of your finances?

To travel the world?

Ensure your family's future?

Or save for a great pension?

Interested in next free spots in 2024?

90 days to Financial Freedom.png
90 days to Financial Freedom.png

Your financial future is in your hands, and the time to TAKE CONTROL is now!

Your journey STARTS HERE.

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