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Did you know that only 28% of women globally feel confident about investing?
We are here to change that! Our mission is to empower and inspire women, giving them tools to become independent and reach financial stability on their own.
Give them a community where they feel safe to share and learn. 

Our course
"90 days to FinancialFreedom"

Always thought about investing but not sure how?
Our "90 days to Financial Freedom" course supports you to understand your finances, discover the world of investing and learn how to reach financial success - all with the support of an incredible female community. With virtual workshops, 1:1 check-ins and WhatsApp support, you will never feel alone in your financial journey again. 

Are you ready for your financial freedom?

Learn from an expert!

Our founder & CEO, and an expert Wealth Management Professional with 12 years experience, Cristina will guide you through the course, providing practical advice and strategies that have been proven to work with her and her clients. We ensure to include insights from current market developments so you learn how to navigate various economic situations.

Gain control over your finances!

Your financial future is in your hands, and the time to take control is now! Whether you're just starting out or have been on your financial journey for some time, our "90 Days to Financial Freedom" course is designed to help you achieve your goals. YES! Our program is tailored to be accessible to everyone, regardless of your level of financial knowledge. With our comprehensive curriculum, expert guidance, and practical tools, you can transform your financial situation and unlock your true financial potential. Join us today!

Manuela Frischknecht

"What I liked the most about the herFinancialFreedom course was that it was such a safe space. The biggest take away is that now I have a budget! I am finally investing my money."

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