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5-Day ETF Guide

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In this self-learning ETF guide, you have the chance to discover in your own time, what this time-effective, long-term investment method is all about. The team at hFF is always looking for ways to empower women and their finances. We love educating with a touch of female power. And this ETF challenge is just one of our many ways that we aim to achieve this. This challenge’s purpose is for you to make progress on your Financial Freedom Journey and have the confidence to get started with investing. Thus, we have structured the challenge content as follows: ✅Day 1: All Essential Facts In One Place - What is an ETF? - What is an Index? - What is an issuer? - How do ETFs work? ✅Day 2: The Power Of Investing With ETFs - Key Concept: Compound Interest - ETF Pros & Cons - Comparison with Direct Investments & Mutual Funds - Saving vs. Investing ✅Day 3: How You Can Build A Portfolio With ETFs - What are asset classes & which asset classes exist - Key factors to consider & to determine which ETF is for you - Diversification in the context of ETFs ✅Day 4: Understanding & Analyzing ETFs - Key indicator analysis - Criteria to choose your fund - How to read an ETF factsheet? - Common mistakes when analyzing and comparing ETFs ✅Day 5: Find Your Perfect ETF Match - 3 steps to finding the right ETF - How to use JustETF Are you ready? Start with day 1 and work your way through the course, in your own time, from anywhere. Let's get your hard-earned money working for you! *Disclaimer: While herFinancialFreedom ("hFF") supports the sharing of personal experience to build up our hFF community, nothing which is shared on or in any of the hFF website, events, newsletters, social media platforms, presentation materials, programs, linked articles or any other communication shall be interpreted as amounting to investment advice or an offer or recommendation to buy, sell or hold any security or other financial product.

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