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Above all, we are a community. A community of women who, not only are interested in being financially independent, but also who want to empower and enrich other women's lives.
We want to not only share educational content, but also the experiences other women are having, the challenges they are facing, the goals they are achieving.
For us to learn together.
For us to grow together.

We are herFinancialFreedom.

Join us in this journey!


With over 13 years in Wealth Management across Europe & Asia, Cristina Jaeger is an expert in helping clients reach their financial goals. When confronted not just with the frustratingly bleak statistics of women’s (financial) independence, but also the lack of financial confidence & knowledge in her female networks, Cristina applied her finance experience to create herFinancialFreedom.

Since then, she has dedicated herself to reducing the gender wealth and investing gap, ultimately empowering women through financial literacy. As financial literacy is the undoubted link to greater security and autonomy, she works with women to build up financial knowledge and confidence to live their most independent lives.

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Meet The Team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

These are the herFinancialFreedom women! They are the ones that make it all possible.

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