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Co-working in a Bright Office

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"This International Women's Day, we're gathering the voices of eight incredible women, each experts in one particular dimension of the eight dimensions of well-being. Read on to hear how they're attaining wholistic wellness this year."

business buildings in hong kong

"From protests and political changes, to COVID-19 to endless quarantine, nothing can hold back Hongkongers from building a business they truly love. We interview nine entrepreneurs to discuss what makes Hong Kong not just their home, but also the best place for them to thrive as entrepreneurs and grow their start-ups."

female entrepreneurs

"Running a business is never easy, but these entrepreneurs in Hong Kong have overcome some big hurdles! Take a look at their experience."


"In order to maintain the desired standard of living after retirement, private provision and financial security are of great importance. Especially for women. There is often no time to deal fully with the question of how we invest our money profitably. This article provides an introduction to the topic and shows how you can prepare for it despite a short time budget."

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"Introducing Cristina Jaeger, the Senior Relationship Manager & Head of Female Community at Globalance Bank. Cristina is a passionate advocate for empowering and connecting women through financial knowledge."

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