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Commit & get your money working for you with this 5-day self-paced course.

5-Day ETF Course

Everything you need to know about INVESTING in ETFs &
GET STARTED with your investment journey.

Invest in yourself —it's a price of only 3 girls' nights out.


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Discover the Power of ETFs in Just 5 Days

NO MORE endless research and confusing jargon. 

We've gathered all the knowledge you need in ONE CONVENIENT PLACE.

Our STEP-BY-STEP guided training will provide you with the CLARITY

and CONFIDENCE to navigate ETF investing successfully.

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What's in it for you?

No more endless research, all knowledge in one place. 

Step-by-step guided training, so you can learn in your own time & from anywhere.

Discover proven portfolio strategies.

Skip common mistakes & uncover essential numbers.

Master the analysis of key indicators & decode ETF factsheets.

Meet your no-stress, no-brainer investment strategy

✔️ Say goodbye to complicated methods

✔️ Time-efficient, long-term focussed 

✔️ Simple investment path, no maths required



Only 20 mins/day

ETF Community



“I teach to empower women” (quote from our founder, Cristina)

Cristina’s mission is so much bigger than just selling a random finance course 

Skip the long learning curve: Cristina packs 13 years of experience as a FINANCE PROFESSIONAL

Step-by-step guidance: Cristina will guide you virtually from UNDERSTANDING ETFs to knowing how to PICK THE RIGHT ETF FOR YOU

Join her empowering network: Benefit from Cristina’s wide network of female communities and be held accountable towards REACHING your financial SUCCESS

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So much value, packed in 1 course.

Your Path to ETFs - Made Easy and Fun


Guided Video Lessons


Interactive Workbook


ETF Fact sheet reading & discussion


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Certificate of Completion


Access hFF community 

Total Course Value:  $1,500

Was: $750

Price NOW: $270

What You'll Learn

Whether you’re a total beginner or already have some experience, we’ll teach you all you need to know to invest in ETFs

This is a self-paced course for 5 days, requiring a time investment of around 20minutes per day. 

Day 1

"All Essential Facts In One Place" You will learn: -What is an ETF? 3 Top largest ETFs -What is an Index? 3 Top indices issuers -What is an issuer? 3 Top ETF issuers -ETF Pros & Cons

Day 4

"Unlocking ETFs" You will learn: - Key indicator analysis -How to read an ETF factsheet? -Insights into common mistakes when analysing and comparing ETFs

Day 2

"The Power Of Investing With ETFs" You will learn: -Advantages of investing with ETFs -Direct investment vs. ETF, -Mutual funds vs. ETF -Saving vs. Investing

Day 5

"Selecting Your ETF Match" You will learn: -3 steps to finding the right ETF -How to use JustETF

Day 3

"Building An Ideal Portfolio with ETFs" You will learn: -Diversification -Portfolio Examples -Understanding Risk -Profiles of various portfolios


"Extra ETF Discussions" -ETF discussion -ETF Factsheet reading


100% Online

Only 20 mins/day

ETF Community

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A Sneak Peek Into Your 5-Day Guidebook

Imagine turning your coffee breaks into investment breakthroughs;  Easy-to-follow short course to KICK-START your investing journey.

" I would have chosen a high-risk investment if I understood my risk profile earlier. We have to share this information especially to the new generation. Thank you for educating women on ETF investing."
"I would rate my confidence in financial knowledge before the challenge at 1, but now I would rate it at 8."
"I contribute more than half of the family budget but my husband actually manages the money. I realized that doesn't make sense... I need to start thinking about myself"
90 days to Financial Freedom.png

Take the First Step Today!

Dive into the world of ETFs with confidence- PURCHASE NOW and embrace the future of stress-free investing.

Let's make your financial dreams a reality, together!

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